How to Crochet Super easy Rainbow Travel Pillow

Hello friends,

Today, I am super excited to share with you all a quick & easy pattern of Travel Pillow with step-by-step photos and video tutorial. This Rainbow Travel pillow is worked with Camel stitch which gives a knit like effect. This pillow does not require any sewing.

This is one of those projects which make me proud as a crochet designer! When I design any project, my attempt is to keep it as simple as possible and this beautiful travel pillow is the best example of that. The pillow takes its shape on its own so you don’t have to struggle for anything.

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I enjoyed a lot designing and making this Travel Pillow and hope you also will have fun making it with my pattern!

So let’s see,

How to make easy crochet Rainbow Travel Pillow-

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Detailed Step by step tutorial with photos-

Abbreviations used:

Ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

CS – Camel Stitch

R – rounds

Finished Size :

Inner Circumference – 35cm

Outer Circumference – 88cm

Cross sectional circumference – 28cm

Note: The firmness or softness depends on how much you fill the stuffing material. Even the stuffing helps to retain the shape and settles after few uses so do good stuffing.

Pattern Notes:
  • All stitch terminologies are as per US
  • Read carefully & understand abbreviations and pattern before starting
  • I have worked with 2 strands together of light weight acrylic yarn
Material :

Yarn- 100% Acrylic yarn -2 Strands of Light worsted or single strand of Medium worsted

Violet= 25m, Indigo= 30m, Blue= 40m, Green= 45m, Yellow= 50m, Orange= 55m, Red= 60m,

Or Single color 305m

Crochet Hook- 5mm, H size

You will also need- Washable stuffing material & Scissors

Special Stitch- Camel Stitch (CS)

Normally, we insert hook through the Front and Back loop (Looks like ‘V’ at the top) of the stitch from the previous round. Shown above in 1st photo. For Camel Stitch, we insert hook through the back bar (horizontal bar at backside of the stitch), as shown in 2nd photo and make hdc.

Thus, the front and back loop come in front side and give knit like effect as shown below.

The Camel Stitch is abbreviated as CS.


Start with Violet color yarn. Make chain 50.

R1: Starting from 3rd ch from the hook (2hdc in ch, 1hdc in next ch)x 24 times, turn and work in other side of the foundation ch, (1hdc in ch, 2hdc in next ch)x 24 times, 1hdc at 2ch in last, Sl st in 1st st. (73sts on either side=146 sts)

R2: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts. Take Indigo color yarn and Sl st in 1st st. Cut Violet yarn. (146 sts)

R3 & R4: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts. At the end of Round 4, take Blue color yarn and Sl st in 1st st. Cut Indigo yarn. (146 sts)

R5: Ch 2, (1CS in next 2sts, 2CS in next st) x 48 times, Sl st in 1st st. (194 sts)

R6: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts. Take Green color yarn and Sl st in 1st st. Cut Blue yarn. (194 sts)

R7 & R8: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts. At the end of Round 8, take Yellow color yarn and Sl st in 1st st. Cut Green yarn. (194 sts)

R9: Ch 2, (1CS in next 3sts, 2CS in next st) x 48 times, Sl st in 1st st. (242 sts)

R10: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts. Take Orange color yarn and Sl st in 1st st. Cut Yellow yarn. (242 sts)

R11 & R12: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts. At the end of Round 12, take Red color yarn and Sl st in 1st st. Cut Orange yarn. (242 sts)

R13: Ch 2, (1CS in next 4sts, 2CS in next st) x 48 times, Sl st in 1st st. (290 sts)

R14: Ch 2, 1CS in all sts, Sl st in 1st st. (290 sts)

The finished width of pillow is 4” or 10cm.


We will connect both sides of the pillow with Sl st just like Camel stitch worked only in back bar of stitches.

Work 3” portion and fill nicely with stuffing material then move forward to connect sides. This way the pillow will get uniformly filled and will have good shape. Cut the yarn and hide it inside pillow.

This completes our Beautiful Rainbow Travel Pillow!

But wait!!! Do you want to make it more attractive; how about adding some tassels?

So here we go… Two options of tassels, Plain or Twisted-

Plain Tassel-

You can attach some tassels and make it more beautiful…

Cut 30cm long 8 strands of all 7 rainbow colors. Take 2 strands of same color and fold them into half. Insert hook from inside to outside of last stitch of the same color as strand. Pull the loops out from the stitch, then pull the strand tails from these loops. Tightened the loop by pulling the tails.

Similarly do for all the colors. Each color will have two tassels on either side.

Twisted Tassel-

Want classier look then you can make twisted tassel…

Take any two strands out of 4 strands, twist them in the same direction as its threads (ply) are originally twisted. We need to twist them so much that if you leave them little loose they should curl together as shown in photo below. Then hold both twisted strands together and twist them in opposite direction. Tie a knot at the end.

Similarly do for all the tassels, trim the ends to get uniform lengths.

And here is your beautiful Rainbow Travel pillow with classy twisted tassel is ready!!!

Enjoy your journey with this comfortable handmade Travel Pillow!

Don’t forget to share your finished projects with me through social media! I love seeing how each of you put your own personal touches. Don’t forget to check out my other patterns under Creatively made-in Home!

You can watch video tutorial here: How to Crochet Easy Rainbow Travel Pillow

Happy Crocheting!!!

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