How to make floral bookmark

How to make Beautiful Floral Bookmark with Kasuti Embroidery

Hello Friends,

Beautiful bookmarks are always my favorite and if it is handmade then it’s a cherry on top. As you guys know, now a days I have been obsessed with Kasuti embroidery, I thought of making a bookmark with Kasuti’s some beautiful floral pattern. So, in today’s post I am sharing with you how to make this beautiful floral bookmark with Kasuti embroidery.

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You can watch the video here: How to make beautiful Floral Bookmark with kasuti embroidery

Lets see How to make Beautiful Floral Bookmark with Kasuti Embroidery-

Finished Size :

The finished design area on 10 count aida- 2″x7″ (5×18 cm)


10 count Aida fabric-

Red color Anchor embroidery floss-

Green color Anchor embroidery floss-

Embroidery needle-


Shadow frame-

Tips for Success:

  1. Keep your tension uniform- To create smooth uniform stitches, pull each stitch with the same amount of tension. If the stitch is too loose it will appear limp and if it is pulled too tightly the fabric will pucker and cause the design to become distorted.
  2. Avoid running the thread across the back of the fabric to a new stitching area; instead start and stop in each section to ensure that running threads don’t appear on the front side of the fabric.
  3. If you make an error and realize it right away, correct the stitches by unthreading your needle and gently pulling out the stitches.
  4. If your thread gets twisted while stitching, drop the threaded needle and let it hang freely until it unwinds.


The stitching becomes very comfortable and relaxing if you spend some time in transfering pattern on aida first. I use heat erasable (Pilot Frixion) pen to draw one sample on the aida.

Embroidery thread consists of 6 strands. We will be using 3 strands for this project. To begin, cut your thread to the desired length (I like to make it arm’s length) and separate it into the number of strands needed. Thread the needle, tie a knot at the end and bring it from the back of your fabric through to the front to make your first stitch. When you are at the end of your thread or finished a section of stitching, complete that stitch with a knot on the backside to keep it secure.

In this pattern we will be using 2 Kasuti embroidery stitch: Gavanti stitch & Murgi stitch.

Let us begin Murgi stitch with 3 strands of Red color #403. In this pattern we will complete right side of each motif with double running stitch and move to the next motif keeping left side with only one running stitch.

Then, when all 8 motifs are done then come down completing left side of each motif with second running stitch. Keep you stitching tension uniform across by not pulling too tight or by loosening the thread.

Now take 3 strands of Green color thread and similarly do in between design.

Its time to attach the felt. Take 3 strands of Red color and start in middle so that the knot will be hidden between aida and felt.

Then take felt and start making running stitch holding aida and felt together. If you run out of thread, then tie knot on felt and start with new thread from aida so knots will get hidden between them.

Don’t finish Red border, start with Green border so you can hide knots between.

That’s it, you’re done! You have done a remarkable job and I am so proud of you, your work and the piece you’ve created! Now be sure to remove the pen marks. If you used a Pilot Frixion Pen, a few seconds of your hair dryer heat will take them right off. If you used a water- soluble marker – spritz your embroidery with some water and see the marks disappear. Let it dry completely and now its ready to use!

Check the video for more clarity.


Enjoy Kasuti.

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