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We are Creatives! We love to work on new projects, want to use our brains on designs and not on boring pattern grading and sizing. Unfortunately lot of creative people waste their time on these time consuming and frustrating tasks; only because they don’t have any standard handy  sheets to refer.


But you don’t have to worry about it at all! Just log in and subscribe to CMIH; you will get an instant access to all the standard pattern grading and sizing sheets for FREE! Download and print them for your reference anytime anywhere.

This Creatively made-in Home’s Library of free Resources is not limited to sizing printable rather it is full of other useful contents for Creatives like e-books, templates and handy monthly home budget organizer, that will not only help you to work on your projects seamlessly but also would help you to master your craft and work like a pro. Bonus right!!! ūüôā

Our library gets updated very often because we are always creating new free resources just for you.

Sneak peek of our Library-

7 Mistakes Every Crocheter makes & Help tips to overcome them!

It is a must must have, handy e-book which will save you from getting frustrated while learning crochet and even after you have learnt it. This is a collection of my years of experience which covers all common mistakes made by not only newbies but also experienced crocheters. It also guides you to overcome those mistakes with bundle of Help-Tips. So grab your copy now!

Standard sizing printable-

Already mentioned benefits of standard sizing handy printable. It saves a lot of time and makes life simpler.

Handy monthly home budget organizer-

This has been a great help for us so we have added it to our library. We want to clear your mind as much as possible so you can use it to make things, you are passionate about. Managing money is hard however if you keep track of it you can manage it as you wish. Just print and stick it on your fridge; write daily expenses in respective cells and this single A4 size sheet help you to keep track of full month expenses.

Oh! Wait a second! Did I mention about Craft Letter which is beautiful & full of Inspirations. The Craft Letter is our free & the most popular email. We hand-curate it for craft lovers. It contains handy tips, useful tool, cool stuff and behind-the-scenes about what are we doing in our own online business. We are averse to spam, as we’re sure you are, so we aim to make it very useful and inspirational.

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Log in to grab your access to Library of FREE Resources & learn how to make creative stuff at home!!!
we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously!