Homemade Compost for Healthy Plants, How to make compost at home

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Home made Compost with step by step photos. Easy way to make your own compost for healthy plants.

Me and hubby both are fond of nature. This is one of the common interests we have, we both love to spend time with nature as much as possible. Coincidentally we first met also in the garden city of India- Bangalore.

Homemade compost01   Homemade compost02Even before marriage, we both had our own balcony gardens with varieties of plants. We have never missed any flower shows held in Lal Bagh (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lal_Bagh). Apart from beautiful flower plants; herbs like holy basil, mint, lemon grass then Aloe-vera were always part of our gardens because of their health benefits. Bangalore soil and weather are very good for plants so we didn’t have to take any extra care of our gardens apart from regular maintenance which is required. 

After marriage the hubby got job in Bahrain and we shifted here. Bahrain’s climate is dead opposite to that of Bangalore. This is a desert area with extreme hot and cold weather with very little showers (I miss Bangalore rains very badly 🙁 ). But we wanted our garden with us and it was a really challenging task. In peak summers the temperature is so high that no plant can survive without proper care. Its nothing but sand everywhere, no soil to plant, we were surprised when we heard that we have to buy the soil to plant.

First year after coming here; in winter we had our small balcony garden with only varieties of merigold and few other flower plants, which could last only for few months. Then next year we did some research and found that the organic compost is very good for plants in such extreme climates. We started making our own compost but because we had our jobs and  I was pregnant, we could not give our attention to it, still we noticed the improved plant health and they sustained for longer time.

Homemade compost03   Homemade compost04This year, as I am a stay at home mom now; I decided to make home compost and the results were amazing. This full summer we had our garden with us. We felt so cheerful to see the beautiful flowers and lively green leaves even in burning sun outside.Homemade compost05Actually we don’t need to do much to have a good compost but just need little consciousness and consistency. We all; who cook at home 🙂 have 80% of daily garbage from the organic stuffs like veggie’s or fruit’s peels, scraps or seeds etc. So when we are cooking we just need to be alert to collect this organic waste.

Let me show you how to make homemade compost in 3 simple steps-

Step 1:

Collect your daily organic waste form kitchen. Mix some dry leaves, dry grass or pieces of waste paper so that the organic waste can dry faster and does not rot. 

Homemade compost06

Step 2:

Take some soil say around 3 to 4 inches layer in a bucket or bag and put all your organic waste into it and cover it with soil again this layer should be very thin just to cover the stuffs but remember that the air should be able to pass. Keep this bucket or bag outdoor where you get maximum sunlight through out the day. 

Homemade compost07   Homemade compost08

If you stay in the ground floor and have some open ground around then you can dig a trench, about 8 to 9 inches deep or so, increase the ground cover area than depth. Put your garbage mixed with dry leaves, dry grass or paper in it and cover it back with loose soil. Keep some gap then dig for the next. 

Step 3:

Turn the mixture with light hand and water it twice a day. Turning and watering helps to form the compost fast because of supply of oxygen. Keep this bucket or bag aside for 10 to 15 days ones it is full but don’t forget to turn the mixture and water it twice a day.

Homemade compost09Here your home made compost is ready to use. Mix it with the soil if you are planting new or add it on top of the soil to your existing plant.

Homemade compost10

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Grab your access to Library of Free Resources & enjoy making creative stuffs without frustration or wasting time Right Now!


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