How to crochet Soft Cluster

How to crochet Soft Cluster, with step-by-step photos, Instruction card (which includes written instructions & chart diagram) and video tutorial. Cluster is a group of three or more stitches worked into one stitch or chain space. Soft Cluster could be considered as the first stitch or basic stitch of other types of cluster stitches. This stitch is relatively flat and looks same on both sides of fabric.

How to make Soft Cluster Stitch

Soft cluster is very easy stitch but gives very attractive look to the fabric. This stitch is very good for big flat projects like stoles, shawls or even bags.

So lets see,

How to crochet Soft Cluster-

Click on image below to get Instruction Card in PDF format. Print it for ease while working or save it for future reference-

thumbnail of How to crochet Soft Cluster stitch- Instruction Card

Detailed Step by step tutorial with photos-

Abbreviations used:

Ch – chain

sk – skip

yo – yarn over


Make chain multiple of 2 plus 4. For tutorial I have made 24 chains.


First Row: sk 3 ch, Cluster- *yo, insert hook in next ch, draw up a loop, yo, draw yarn through first 2 loops*


repeat * to * 2 times more in the same ch, yo draw up yarn through all 4 loops.


Ch 1, sk 1 ch. Again make a cluster then Ch 1, sk 1.


Similarly complete the row.


Repeating Row: Ch 3, *1 cluster in ch between two clusters below, ch 1, sk cluster below* repeat * to * throughout the row,


make cluster at the end in top of turning ch.


Make the repeating Row till the desired number of rows.


Isn’t it easy but very attractive pattern?

You can watch video here: How to crochet Soft Cluster

Let us see how to make Pineapple stitch Here or video HERE. Till then,

Happy Crocheting!

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