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Which Crochet Hook is Perfect for me?


Dear Crochet Lovers,

Which Crochet Hook is Perfect for me? is very genuine question because Crochet Hook is the whole and sole tool used in crocheting and everything from the enjoyment of crocheting to the final outcome of your project totally depend on the crochet hook you choose. So let us understand what is the answer for this question.

Now, we have learnt the anatomy of crochet hook so we know which part of the hook affects speed of crocheting or what makes a difference in the size of our finished products. Now we need to know that the hooks vary also in material. This may or may not affect the size of your finished product, but it definitely well affects your enjoyment of the process if you are using hook that doesn’t work well with the yarn being used.

Some of the common materials from which hooks are fashioned include metals, Corian, various types of woods, bamboos, plastic, etc. Some also may have a handle made of different material than the hook, such as rubber, wood, bamboo or clay. The difference in material may also greatly affect the price of the hook.

I have a collection of crochet hooks made with wood; like- walnut, rosewood, eucalyptus, then bamboo, plastic, Corian, steel, bronze, aluminum and some with rubber, clay or bamboo handles. I appreciate each of them for their own unique qualities. I have two of my all time favorite hooks – My hook set made of Symfonie Rose Crochet Hook Set embellished with Swarovski Crystals is precious to me as is my Addi 5 mm Swing Crochet Hook.

Why is it important to have different material crochet hooks around?

To a degree choosing the material of hook that works best for you could be a personal choice but here is a list of pros and cons of each material along with some other reasons to be considered to help you in deciding which is the right material of crochet hook to choose-

Note: Sometimes how the hook works depends on the yarn or thread you are using, so if you are having trouble just switch to another material hook. Some threads just seem to work better with a particular crochet hook material.

Metal Crochet Hooks-


Pros- These crochet hooks allow the yarn to slide easily off your hook thus help to get speed. 

Cons- These are generally cold and hard.

Decision Factor-

  • These crochet hooks could be good or bad depending on your skill level. If you can crochet fast then these are ideal for you.
  • If you are not able to pull yarn comfortably by other material hook, switch to metal hook of the same size. You might find a difference.
  • If you are suffering from some health issue like arthritis, joint pain or if the climate is very cold, these crochet hooks are not ideal to use.
  • Solution for the above problem is go with metal hook with different material handle.


Wooden Crochet Hooks-



  • These crochet hooks are warmer to work with.
  • The yarn slides over the hook well too if it is smooth and well made.
  • Beautiful look especially if they are handmade.


  • Generally wooden crochet hooks have a straight body without a grip or thumb rest.
  • Need very good care or the head of hook spoils easily.
  • These are very costly especially if they are handmade.

Decision Factor-

  • The important factor is the made of these crochet hooks. If they are well made then any skill level person can use them comfortably.
  • Ideal if you are suffering from arthritis, joint pain or if the climate is cold.


Bamboo Crochet Hooks-


All factors are similar to wooden crochet hooks but additional pros is these are not as expensive as wooden hooks and additional con of bamboo hook is they break easily.


Plastic/ Acrylic Crochet Hooks-


Plastic hooks are also similar in nature to wooden or bamboo crochet hooks but additional con is they look cheap. Actually it vary depending on manufacturer. I have found some plastic hooks to work very well and last a long time while others don’t work so well and break easily.


Variety with Handles-


There are pros and cons to working with a hook with an added handle as opposed to hooks made in one piece. Basically the added handle are of rubber, wood, bamboo or clay. The handles  also vary in thickness, thicker handles  could be better for those who have trouble gripping small handled hooks.

As mentioned before, this is often the part of the hook where hook designers let their creativity flow and the difference in material also greatly affect the price of Crochet hook.


I have given basic guidelines to choose a crochet hook but as creative people; we crocheters love our hooks and it is worth to try different crochet hook to find the perfect for you!!!

Let me know which is your favorite Crochet Hook?

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