UK to US crochet stitches conversion chart

UK to US crochet stitches conversion chart- here is the downloadable free conversion chart showing crochet stitches conversion from UK to US along with their abbreviations. Here on Creatively made-in Home blog we use US crochet stitch terminologies but if you check out on the internet or in books, you will find lots of patterns written in UK terminology.


First remember that the foundation stitches like chain stitch and slip stitch are universal. The changes begin from single crochet. There is no term like single crochet in UK terminology. For instance, the term “single crochet” in US means Double crochet in the UK. Little confusing right? But don’t worry, just print the chart given below and keep it handy to avoid any confusion.

UK to US crochet stitches conversion chart-

Print this Conversion Card for ease while working or save it for future reference-

 thumbnail of UK to US crochet stitch conversion chart

If you are interested much more of such super handy standard chart grab it HERE


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