How to Test the Crochet Gauge

Testing the crochet gauge or how to test the crochet gauge, with photos and video tutorial. Testing the crochet gauge is a very crucial part of any project. Specially if the project needs to have perfect fit testing the crochet gauge is a must step. Even though it is so important, it is very easy test crochet gauge. In this post let us understand how to make a swatch and test the crochet gauge.


What is Crochet Gauge?

Well, the gauge simple means the number stitches that equals to one inch (or 2.5 cm). All professional crochet instructions will have a specified gauge. Some also include a row gauge which means the number of rows to an inch (or 2.5 cm). If you check Cm-iH’s projects we give both stitch and row gauge, because it gives perfect base for the project and chances of failure reduces significantly.

As the size of a finished piece is based on these gauge mathematics, it is important to duplicate that gauge, called as swatch before proceeding with any new project.

What is Swatch?

The swatch is a sample piece of fabric, usually made 3 inches x 3 inches (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm) in size. It is crocheted with the specified pattern using the specified yarn and hook size.


For a test swatch, make stitches 3 times the stitch gauge in length, using the specified yarn and hook size.

For ex. if gauge specified is 5 double crochet with 4 ply yarn and 3.5 mm hook, then make 15 stitches, work in pattern until the piece measures 3 inches in height; fasten off.

How to Test the Crochet Gauge?

Now let us understand how to test the gauge with a swatch.

To measure stitch gauge, place swatch on flat surface. Take 2 rustproof pins and insert them at 1 inch (or 2.5 cm) apart, as shown below and then count the stitches between pins. This will give you stitch gauge.

If in case pin fall in center of a stitch then you can consider half stitch or gauge the number of stitches for 2 inches. For ex. you can say 5.5 dc = 1 inch or 11 dc = 2 inches. 


To measure row gauge, insert 2 pins, 1 inch (or 2.5 cm) apart, as shown below and then count the number of rows between them. This will give you row gauge. Similar to stitch gauge if pin fall in center of row then you can consider half row or gauge the number of rows for 2 inches. For ex. you can say 3.5 dc row = 1 inch or 7 dc row = 2 inches.


Note: In measuring a swatch, always take care to keep it flat and avoid stretching it. 

If your gauge is not matching with the specified gauge in instruction then an adjustment is necessary. Make a new swatch using a hook one size larger if your stitches per inch are more  than specified or a hook one size smaller if your stitches per inch are less  than specified.

You can watch video here: How to Test the Crochet Gauge

I hope this post was useful for you, do let me know in comments below, if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy Crocheting!

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