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Speciality Crochet Hooks

Speciality Crochet Hooks, as the name tells these hooks look similar to crochet hooks but have some variations and they are used for special type of work. You can also check All About Crochet Hook & Which is the perfect crochet hook for you?


Speciality Crochet Hooks-

Steel Hook-


A Steel hook is used with very fine yarns, usually of cotton, linen, or silk and sometimes fingering-weight wool.  Steel hooks are an exception; they are measured by a reverse scale in which 14 is the smallest size, 00 the largest. While selecting a hook, the thicker your yarn, the larger your hook should be for ease in working. Keep this Steel hook chart handy to avoid confusion.

Jumbo Hook-


A Jumbo hook is a larger version of the crochet hook, 10″ long and usually available in sizes, 10 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm (i.e. N, P, Q and S). It is used for working bulky items, usually in knitting worsted or rug yarn. It is made of light-toned wood or hollow plastic material.

Jiffy Hook-


A Jiffy hook is also used with rug yarn or fabric strips such as would be employed in making a heavy afghan or a crocheted rug. Usually made of hollow plastic material for light on hands. These hooks are generally 8″ long and come in sizes 16 mm  and 19 mm (i.e. Q and S). The work progresses very quickly with this hook.

Jiffy Lace Needle-


A Jiffy Lace needle is a jumbo knitting needle used as a supplement to the crochet hook for working broomstick lace (also called as Jiffy Lace). It is made of hollow plastic for lightness. I recently came across Simply Collectible blog and loved her illustration on Broomstick lace for baby blanket.

Tunisian Crochet Hook / Afghan Crochet Hook-


Tunisian crochet hook, also known as Afghan crochet hook, is a type of an elongated hook, with uniform diameter and often with a stopper or knob at the handle end to keep stitches from sliding off. It is sometimes considered to be a cross between a crochet hook and a knitting needle because it forms the fabric similar to a knit. The stitches are worked onto the hook in one row, then off again in the next.

Tunisian crochet creates interesting textures and lends itself to bold color combinations. The sizing system is same as a regular crochet hook, but these are generally much longer, 10″ or 14″ long with 3.5 mm to 6.50 mm (i.e. E to K). These are usually made of wood, bamboo, aluminium and plastic.


You can also get Afghan hooks with a flexible wire so you can hold more stitches. It is similar to the knitting system of using circular needles. The flexible wire is made of metal and nylon in sizes E to K.

Double Hook needle / Crochet-knit-


A Double Hook needle or also known as Crochet Knit is a special afghan hook has a hook on both ends of the tool. They are used for working double faced fabric in two colors. These hooks are generally available in aluminium, bamboo and wood. They are 14″ long and usually of 3.75 mm to 6.50 mm plus 9 mm and 10 mm sizes (F to K plus M and N).


The hook is generally the same size on both ends but Hamanaka RAKU RAKU has come up with two different sizes at both ends.

Knook / Magic Hook-


Knook is a crochet hook with an eye at the non-hook end accompanied by a nylon cord. It is generally made of bamboo and has a hole at the top where you thread cord. It is used to “knit” with a crochet hook.

Check out this kit if you are interested to learn knooking 🙂


I hope this post will be helpful for you to know what are Speciality Crochet Hooks are available with their uses. If you know any other types please let me know, I will add it in this post.

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