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Shaping in Crochet by Increases

Shaping in crochet is very easy and you need to master this to get perfect straight fabric. Shaping in crochet is accomplished with Increases and Decreases. Once mastered, these techniques permit you to crochet any shape or form. Check out this- Crochet Geometric Shapes, worked in rounds.

In this post we will see how to increase stitches in any crochet work.



To make increase in stitches; crochet two or multiple stitches into the same stitch. Thus if you want to increase fabric on left or right side, make desired number of increases within a row, and repeat it for several rows. You can keep the progression in order by placing a marker (contrasting yarn or a plastic coil ring) where increasing begins. For shaping to the right, increase before the marker; to the left, after the marker. On the next row, reverse this order to maintain consistency of the direction.

Let us see different ways of increase in crochet.

To make a single increase-

As the name tells it is increasing a single stitch. For an example I am showing how to make single increase with Single crochet; you can increase all other types of stitches in the same way.

Crochet 2 stitches in 1 stitch.



To make a double increase-

If you want to increase two stitches at a time then you can use this method. For an example I am showing how to make double increase with Single crochet; you can increase all other types of stitches in the same way.

Crochet 3 stitches in 1 stitch.



To make a decorative double increase or lacy chevron-

This is a very special type of increase where you need make chains in previous row to increase stitches in next row or subsequent rows. This increase is usually used as a boarder to give lacy finish to a project.

In first row make chain 2 at the location where you want to increase. On next row or subsequent rows, crochet (1 stitch, chain 2, 1 stitch) in 2-chain space of previous row.



To increase several stitches at one edge-

This is an increase usually used as when a sleeve is made in one piece with the garment. Extend a chain from the side edge, then crochet back along the chain on the next row with desired type of stitch.



You can watch video here: Shaping in Crochet by Increases

I hope you liked this post, don’t forget to check next post, how to shape in crochet by decreases.

Happy Crocheting!

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