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Half Double Crochet Stitch | How to make Half Double Crochet Stitch

Half Double Crochet Stitch with step by step photos and video tutorialHalf Double Crochet Stitch (hdc); this stitch is slightly taller than single crochet. The beauty of this stitch is that it has a pronounced ridge in its texture; which makes a firm and very attractive fabric.


You can learn how to make single crochet and its uses in the previous post or watch video here.

How to make Half Double crochet stitch-

First of all you will need some chains, if you don’t know how to make chains please check my previous post on How to make the Chain Stitch or see this video.

Step 1: Wrap the yarn over crochet hook and insert the hook in 3rd chain from the hook.


Step 2: Catch yarn and draw a loop through the chain- now we have 3 loops on the hook. Wrap yarn around hook and draw loop through all 3 loops on the hook, thus completes half double crochet stitch.


Generally each stitch is made in each chain across the row. When one row is completed make 2 chain after last stitch of the row and turn the work.


Then wrap yarn over hook; insert the hook in 1st stitch and form half double crochet. That begins the second row of the work. 


You can watch video here: How to make Half Double Crochet

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Happy Crocheting! 

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