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Chain Stitch | How to make the Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch with step by step photos and video. All crochet stitches are formations of interlocking loops and the simplest of which is the chain stitch (ch).

How to make chain stitch

First of all, let us understand the basic of how these interlocking loops are formed. There are three steps involved in any crochet work- 1) Hold the hook in your dominant hand 2) then tension the yarn with the other hand, this hand also holds the work where the hook needs to be entered 3) work with hook and yarn to form loops.

Step 1) We have already learnt the ways to hold the crochet hook, you can also watch video here. You can use whichever method feels more comfortable for you.

Step 2) There are several methods of holding the yarn. I am showing below the one which I use, it is very simple and most popular technique. Just remember that the basic idea behind all methods is to keep yarn taut over your index finger; so you can manipulate it easily while working. This gives the even tension around the hook and perfect gauge to the finished work.

Step 3) To form the stitch, in this post we are gonna learn the very first loop in crochet i.e. chain stitch. The Chain Stitch (ch) is usually the first row of crochet work, and is also an integral part of many pattern stitches as well.

Important Note for Beginners: As it is the foundation, it should be formed loosely enough that the hook can enter each chain easily and the edge of the work will not draw in.

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Chain Stitch,  How to make the Chain Stitch:

1. First of all we need to make a Slip Knot to start chain stitch. Wrap the yarn around your first two fingers like shown in the image below.


2. Insert the hook into that loop.


3. Pull the yarn through the loop.


4. Now, pull both yarn ends so that the loop is close to hook but not too tight.


5. This forms the Slip Knot.


6. Wrap ball end of yarn around your little finger of non dominant hand (left hand if you are right handed or vice-versa). Take it under your ring and middle finger and then over top of index finger. Leave about 1.5″ to 2″ of yarn between index finger and hook.


7. Hold the slip knot between your thumb and middle finger of left hand (right hand if you are left handed) and keep yarn taut over index finger. Wrap the yarn around the hook, so yarn passes over it back to front and is caught in the slot. See image below-


8. Now draw yarn through the loop, it forms a new loop on the hook. This is your first chain stitch. This chain stitch should be loose enough that the next loop can be drawn through it easily.


9. Hold this first chain stitch with thumb and middle finger and repeat steps 7 & 8 thus forms second chain stitch.

Step 7 repeated-


Step 8 repeated-


10.  Continue the same until you have desired number of chains (Note : Loop on hook does not count as part of the total).


Tip: All chains should be of the same size. If they are not, it is best to pull them out and start again. It is worth to redo at this stage to get neat edge for your finished project. 🙂

You can watch the video here: How to make the Chain Stitch

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