trick to start chain-less double crochet

Chain-less double crochet | How to start Chain-less double crochet

How to start Chain-less double crochet- here is a post of tips & tricks of crochet with step by step photos and video tutorial. This is a little trick in crochet which can totally change the look of product edge. 


This chain-less double crochet needs little practice but the result makes it all worth. Till now we were making chain 3 to begin the double crochet row or round and start working double crochet from next stitch. But you must have noticed a ugly hole gets formed between these chains and first double crochet and it makes obvious that its a start of row or round.

I used to hate to see the uneven edges of scarves or blankets those I were making with so much of love, ultimately end up making borders. Then I tried many options to hide those holes but was not happy with results. I was searching on net for some options and came across this chain-less start trick. I was very happy with this trick so sharing the same with you guys.


Lets see How to start Chain-less double crochet-

When a row or round is completed don’t make any chains. If its a row then turn the work and if working in round then just start from next step.

Step 1: Pull a loop on the hook little bit tall.

Pull a look tall

Step 2: Hold look with your index finger firmly, so that it will not slip away. Then wrap the loop around the hook.

Wrap loop around hook

Step 3: Grab the working yarn with the hook.

grab working yarn

Step 4: Draw the yarn out under the loop. You will have two loops on the hook.

draw yarn out

Step 5: Now draw yarn through both those loops.

complete chain-less double crochet

This completes our chain-less double crochet, then start working as per your pattern with double crochet stitch.

start double crochet with chain-less method

Isn’t it fascinating? When you finish your work with this method its very difficult to know where the row was began and edges are straight. 🙂

You can watch the video tutorial here: How to start Chain-less double crochet

I am sure you must have liked this trick, please let me know with a comment below.

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