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Standing double crochet | How to change color with Standing double crochet

Standing double crochet or How to change color with standing double crochet- this is yet another post in tips & tricks of crochet with step by step photos and video tutorial. In this post we will see a trick to change yarn without ugly hole that gets formed due to chains at the beginning. This method is called as standing double crochet.


In previous post we saw how to start chain-less double crochet and get rid of that hole at the beginning of the row or round. But we can not use the same trick when you want to change color and connect different yarn. So here is a post with a trick to change color with standing double crochet.

So lets see how to change color with Standing double crochet-

When your row or round is completed just cut the yarn, pull it out and finish the work there. You can even sew in the end if you want. Then take the different color yarn you want to connect, hold it like shown in pic below.

to change color

Take your work and grab your working yarn. 

how to hold yarn to change color

Then wrap the yarn twice to the hook.

wrap yarn twice

Insert hook in the first stitch.

insert hook in the stitch

Grab working yarn and pull it out of the stitch.

pull yarn from stitch

Now you will have 3 loops on the hook. Draw yarn through first two loops.

draw yarn through first two loops

You have 2 loops on the hook so draw yarn through both the loops.

complete standing double crochet

This completes your standing double crochet but don’t leave the tail yarn. Now start working the second double crochet.

standing double crochet

You can leave the tail yarn  once this second stitch is done.

how to change color

And continue working as per your pattern.

How to make standing double crochet

Sew in the ends. You can notice your work has begun with normal double crochet and has neat edge with no hole. Very helpful trick right? 🙂 

You can watch the video tutorial here: How to change color with Standing double crochet

I know you must have liked this trick, then let me know it in comments below.

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