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How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage, is a super easy yet very beautiful and useful wall hanging made with jute yarn and has storage pockets. So begin your new year with this sort of beautiful organizer to simplify your life.

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage with step by step photos for easy understanding and you can also check video tutorial HERE.

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-

This jute wall hanging is with storage pockets and the pockets are made with colored jute yarn. These pockets are easy Traditional Granny Squares that we have learnt in last post. So refer back to How to crochet traditional granny square photo tutorial or video tutorial and make 6 of them with colors of your choice.  

Detailed Step by step tutorial with photos-

Abbreviations used:

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet


5 dc = 1″ or 2.5 cm

Note: Check your gauge before starting the project to get perfect fit, you can check video here.

Finished Size :

One Granny Square – 5″ x 5″ or 12.5 x 12.5 cm

Wall hanging width – 18″ or 45 cm

Wall hanging height (from middle triangle tip to hanger bottom ) – 21″ or 52.5 cm

Tip :


Color jute yarn

Jute yarn

Wooden hanger

Crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Measuring tape



Collect all the material and make 6 granny square with your choice of color jute.

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-01

Take hanger and start making single crochet around its bar. (Watch video if you want to see my way to work)

R1: Make 80 sc around hanger bar. Turn work.

R2: Ch 3, starting from second st 1 dc in each st. ( 80 sts)

Repeat R2 to get desired length. (I have made 34 rows).

Note: You can add colored jute rows in between if you like. I have added 2 rows of dark brown color jute rows.

Last row: Ch 1, 1 sc in each st ( 80 sts)

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-02

Tapering triangles-

Side small triangles-

Ch 1, 2 sctog, 1 sc in next 18 sts, 2 sctog (covered 22 sts but reduced 1 st at beginning and at end)

Similar like above, turn work, make ch 1, reduce 1 st at the beginning and at the end of the row, make 1 sc each in between sts. So you will form tapering triangle. Work till you are left with 1 st, pull yarn and cut it.

Repeat on other side.How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-03

Middle big triangle-

Totally we had 80 sts, out of which 22+22=44 sts are covered with small triangles on either sides, so we are left with 36 sts.

Work similar like small triangles by reducing 1 st each at ends and 1 sc in each of in between sts. (Ex:  Ch 1, 2 sctog, 1 sc in next 32 sts, 2 sctog for first row)

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-04

Now take 1 of the granny square. Take tapestry needle and insert the same color jute yarn that you have used for last row of granny square. Now start sewing granny square and back portion together. Sew three sides of granny square leaving top one which will act as a pocket for storage. Similarly connect all other 5 granny squares.


Cut several 12″ long strands out of jute yarn and 3 strand of almost 36″ long from dark brown color jute yarn.

Insert hook in last loop of tapering triangle, grab one of 12″ long strands and pull out one end. Similarly pull out few more 12″ strands from same loop. Make all strands equal half on either side of loop.How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-05

Then take dark brown color strand, hold one end same length as other strands and pull out other end. Leave 1/2″ from tip of triangle and make a loop around all the strands with this long end of brown color yarn. Then start wrapping the long end around all the strands.

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-06

Finally tie a know and trim all strands to equal lengths.

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-07

Your beautiful Jute wall hanging with storage is ready to use.

How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage-08

You can watch video here: How to crochet Jute wall hanging with Storage

I hope you like this tutorial, let me know your opinion in comments below.

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