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How to crochet easy modern scarf

Crochet modern yet very easy scarf or How to Crochet easy modern scarf- with step by step photos and video tutorial.

As a crocheter you must be familiar with the feeling of satisfaction when you make something for your loved ones! I always like working on projects for my little ones or for my hubby than for myself and this is one of such projects which I made for Pranaw.

How to crochet easy modern scarf

The climate is very extreme here in Bahrain which gives me chance to design challenging projects with 100% cotton for summer and warm wool for winter. 🙂

When I was thinking of this scarf, I wanted it to be modern and elegant looking. I knew, I am gonna keep stitches simple as I had decided to go with Lion Brand’s Silky Twist and Homespun yarn and both of these yarns have strong character. I have already used Lion Brand’s Homespun yarn for U-shaped Travel pillow and knew its very warm and very soft, so perfect scarf. Both these yarns are machine washable and dry-able which is very important for me!

As I said, I wanted to keep the stitches simple so I decided to play with front post double crochet to get some depth to the scarf. Then tried implementing a new weaving technique with contrast color yarn, that I had learned recently, so read the post below to check that! 

How to Crochet easy modern scarf-

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Detailed Step by step tutorial with photos-

Abbreviations used:

Ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

FPdc – Front Post double crochet


12 dc = 4″ or 10 cm

4 dc row = 4″ or 10 cm

Note: Check your gauge before starting the project to get perfect fit, you can check video here.

Finished Size :

Scarf width – 10″ or 25 cm

Scarf length – 52″ or 132 cm

Note: It is always advisable to make a swatch with the yarn and hook you are gonna use and then decide the number of stitches to get desired size of scarf. 

Pattern Grading: 

If you want reduce or increase the size of finished scarf then follow these instructions-

  • To increase or decrease width of scarf increase or decrease the foundation chain count.
  • To increase or decrease length of scarf increase or decrease the repetition of pattern.

Tip :

  • If you are comfortable then use chain-less double crochet to get a neater look. Consider Ch 3 as chain-less double crochet at the beginning of each row.


Lion Brand’s Silky Twist Linen color- 2 skeins

Lion Brand’s Homespun Sand Dune- small quantity 

Clover Crochet hook- 10 mm



Start with Linen color yarn. Make Ch 21.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-02

R1: Starting from 2nd ch, 1 sc in each ch. (20 sts)

How to crochet easy modern scarf-02

R2: Ch 3, starting from 2nd st, 1 dc in each st. (20 sts)

How to crochet easy modern scarf-04

R3: Ch 3, starting from 2nd st, 1 FPdc each in next 18 sts, 1 dc in last st. (20 sts)

How to crochet easy modern scarf-05

We will get a nice ridge on other side (i.e. front side) of the scarf.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-06

R4 to R6: Ch 3, starting from 2nd st, 1 dc in each st. (20 sts)

How to crochet easy modern scarf-07

Again repeat from R3.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-08

R3 to R6 is one pattern. I repeated this pattern 14 times. You can decide repetitions depending on your desired length.

To match the ends, make one FPdc row and a single crochet row, cut the yarn and sew in the yarn.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-09


Take Sand Dune color yarn. Leave almost 12″ of tail and then make slip knot. Start making little loose chains. The number of chains depends on length of your scarf, keep chains on the scarf and work till you get the full length. I have made 130 chains for my scarf. Then cut the yarn by leaving again almost 12″ tail and fasten off. Similarly make total 6 of chains with tassel.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-10

Take Linen yarn and cut yarn pieces of almost 24″ long, we will need 10 of these.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-11


Take one chain and insert in the gap between 1st and 2nd stitch of 1st row, take it out from the gap between 1st and 2nd stitch of 2nd row, again go down at 3rd row and come up at 4th row. Keep on doing till the entire length of the scarf.

For more clarity you can watch the video HERE.

Leave 3 or 4 stitches and insert next chain.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-12

Then take a string of linen color yarn, fold it into half. Insert hook in between the two chain tassels and pull up the linen yarn loop.  Pull out two ends of yarn through the loop. Connect 5 tassels on either sides of the scarf.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-13How to crochet easy modern scarf-15







Your beautiful scarf is ready to use.

How to crochet easy modern scarf-14


Download PDF of this Pattern

I have created this Beautifully formatted printable PDF just for you so that you can work on this project offline meaning you can enjoy crocheting sitting relaxed on your favorite couch or outdoor in nature or while travelling and not bothered about internet availability around!

You can save or print this PDF and start building your own crochet patterns collection!

So grab it NOW!

You can watch video here: How to crochet easy modern scarf

I hope you like this scarf, let me know your opinion in comments below.

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