How to make daisy flower

How to Crochet Flower- Daisy

How to crochet Flower- Daisy, it is a yet another beautiful flower which is very simple to make but looks very elegant. Till now we have seen How to crochet Posy, a flower for headband and a flower for hand warmer. I just got an ides, I should separate out all flower tutorials for flower loves, will do that soon. For now this is post with step-by-step photos, Instruction card (which includes written instruction with diagram) and video tutorial.

How to crochet daisy flower

This Daisy flower is very easy as it is made with only chains. As it has two layers of petals it gives 3 dimension to flower.

So let’s see,

How to crochet Flower- Daisy:

Click on image below to get Instruction Card in PDF format. Print it for ease while working or save it for future reference-

thumbnail of How to Crochet Flower- Daisy- Instruction Card

Detailed Step by step tutorial with photos-

Abbreviations used:

Ch – chain

sc – single crochet

Sl st –  Slip stitch


Make chain 6,


Sl st in first ch and make loop.


R1: Ch 1, 14 sc in the loop, sl in first ch. (14 sts)


R2: Front Petal- *Insert hook in only front loop of st and make 1 sc, ch 6, 1 sc again in only front loop of same st*

How-to-crochet-flower-Daisy--Step-04repeat * to * for all 14 sts below. Sl st in first sc. ( 14 petals)


R3 : Back Petal- *Insert hook in only back loop of st of R1 and make 1 sc, ch 8, 1 sc again in only back loop of same st*


repeat * to * for all 14 sts of R1. Sl st in first sc. ( 14 petals)


Cut the yarn and sew in the tail. This completes our beautiful Daisy flower. Isn’t it elegant? Let me know in comments below.

You can watch video here: How to crochet Flower- Daisy

Happy Crocheting!!!

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