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All About Creatively made-in Home (Cm-iH)

All About Creatively made-in Home (Cm-iH)

Hello & Welcome!

Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, commenting and surfing around on Cm-iH! I hope you enjoy all the patterns, tutorials, how to’s and other stuffs. There’s lots to do here, so feel free to explore!

You can be in any stage of creativity, either a beginner who wants to know how to hold needles and yarn in the right way or an expert who is looking for inspirational ideas for the next project, you are at the right place!

All about CMIH

Creativity is a never ending ocean and there is immense pleasure one can get out of learning and accomplishing something which cannot be explained in the words. This blog is my humble effort to present in the most simplistic way whatever I have learnt so far, a drop to that ocean from my side.

About me:

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I am Sheetal, a family person, wife to a cheerful person- Pranaw & mom of a wonderful daughter, Angel. Along with that now I am a blogger & designer. I am passionate about handmade things & I love to share my knowledge of craft with creative people like you.

I possess a Bachelor of Architecture degree and have 8 years of working experience. I left the job and took break to welcome a new member in our family. My Angel, born on 29th Dec 2013 and on her first birthday I started this blog. She gave me a chance to take much needed pause in my busy life and opportunity to spend time on few things, I love doing. 

Knitting, crochet, embroidery, handcrafts are always my passion. I was born in a small chawl of Belgaum district in Karnataka, India. In the chawl, there were many ladies who used to finish their house chores in the morning and gather at one place after lunch. They used to do knitting, cross stitching and embroidery.


As a curious little young girl, I was watching their fast moving hands and was getting fascinated to see how the bundle of wool turns into a beautiful sweater or shawl, a plain piece of fabric gets charismatic embroidery designs with silk threads. I think my interest for art was seeded there. 
I did my first project when I was 5 years old. My mom had taught me huck embroidery and I did a bag with that. I still remember when I finished that bag, my mom had shown it to my dad with so much proud, unfortunately she is not in this world to see my crafts and this blog today but I know her blessings are with me which inspire me to do more and more.

About my love:


My ever cheerful husband, Pranaw, he is my biggest supporter, best friend, sounding board, helping hand and ever willing listening ear. His encouragement is the main source of whatever I do. His guidance and feedback always help me to take the stuff to next level. He is the one who keeps me balanced and sane.

My precious daughter, my Angel, who keeps me on my toes and always teaches me life lessons. She has brought so much value into our lives. After her birth, I have realized the value of each minute (all moms will agree with this). She is happy, smiling and self dependent little lady. She is a continuous learner and the best example for me of never give up.


About my passion:

See, if this sounds familiar- You are planning to start a new project, so you start browsing probably through pinterest or google and you get more excited to see those beautiful images, confused which one to select but you decide on one and start reading process and then bhooommm…




You start searching and searching but the more you search more confusing all gets. Definitely who has time to take project description from one place, search for the meaning of abbreviations from other then how to work on then from third and then again look for the right size needle or yarn so on…Ufff… It spoils all excitement, inspirations you had. You wish Ohh GOSH, can someone hold my hand and tell exactly what to do to finish the project in easy step by step way so I can purely enjoy my craft without breaking my head. 🙂

No doubt this is an information age and for creative people like us, our virtual world is full of inspirations, ideas and DIY’s stuffs, that it sometimes lead us to overwhelm. There is lots of good, useful information but there is also a lot more of misleading, misguiding and confusing information.

How I know this? Well, I can totally relate and know exactly how it feels because I was right there facing the same problems. I was browsing through search engines, excited to start new project, something for my loved ones but didn’t know exactly what to do. I used to get super excited to see the beautiful photos but sadly disappointed where those photos used to lead me. As I have good experience in crochet, knitting I could figure out the information was not right or enough. Then I would go back to my drawing board, design something and work on that, this happened so many times. Then one day, just by curiosity I checked some blogs who claimed of giving step by step process and got surprised and disappointed, how wrong, confusing and abrupt information exist on the net.

I know the importance of the correct way to do craft, right from the beginning, time tested techniques and very important to have the understanding of why the things are done the way they are done because ones you know and master these basic things then you can spread your wings in the world of creativity, you can design and create your own stuffs.

So this is when little wheels in my head started spinning and I started thinking, what if I document right ways of crafting in easy step by step format for the beginners or my own designs, (as mentioned earlier, I love do design things and have been designing for many years) so what if I give that to the people who know basics, as an inspiration for their next project but explained in very simple way. And that is how Creatively made-in Home (Cm-iH) was born, exactly one year after my Angel was born.

What to expect:

Here at Cm-iH, I try to give all the required information in various forms. I strongly believe each person grasps the information in different ways, some people like to read instructions where as some are comfortable with videos or some like diagrams or some might feel comfortable with step by step photos, so I try to give as many options as possible. I also include suitable links for your quick reference. Some posts are written in story format to make tutorials interesting, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy producing.

At any place if you stumble, I am there to hold you and make your craft creation journey full of joy and pleasure which is the real intention behind making any craft.

You can subscribe below to get access to my Resource Library which is full of FREE stuffs. It has lots of beautiful standard sizing charts which you can print and keep handy, so you don’t have to worry about pattern grading or sizing, free e-books, Handy monthly home budget organizer and my self curated beautiful Craft-Letter into your inbox with lots of inspirational stuff. I keep adding stuff to this library so its always growing and you will not find that information anywhere else on the site.

Grab your access to Library of Free Resources & enjoy making creative stuffs without frustration or wasting time Right Now!


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I am amateur blogger and learning everything from scratch, so your support, comments and feedback are very precious for me. Kindly take few minutes and write your mind or your experience with Cm-iH here.

You can send an e-mail at: sheetal@creativelymadeinhome.com

I like to keep it simple, I like to laugh and most of all I love the God and my family, I love to constantly be learner to grow as a person and help whoever is in need. And that pretty much sums it up.

Presenting some of the wonderful moments of my life:

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 Creatively-made-in-home-our pic-6  Creatively-made-in-home-our pic-9 Creatively-made-in-home-our pic-1

I am thankful to:

When I started thinking of starting my blog, I didn’t have any idea how to start and what to do but these people helped me in one or the other way, they probable don’t remember me but I am very thankful for their support and guidance. God bless them…

Dassana Amit from Veg Recipes Of India

Anita Fowler from Live Like You Are Rich

Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less

& lastly the most amazing lady Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom

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Grab your access to Library of Free Resources & enjoy making creative stuffs without frustration or wasting time Right Now!


we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously!