How to Cast-on, Two Needles- Knitting on


1.Knitting on-Two Needles Method of Casting-on

Hello knitting lovers…

“Good Morning, Amma” Tillu wished Amma.

Amma could feel excitement in her voice. She smiled and replied ” A very good morning Tillu, do you remember what I taught you last about slip knot for the first stitch and the character of casting on?”

By this time Tillu had settled and taken out her materials, a pair of beautiful wooden needles which her father gifted her after seeing her immense love for craft, a ball of yarn, a small cute pair of scissors, a pen and her favorite diary, in which she jots down each and everything that interests her. Amma was looking at her and admired her passion to learn craft.

Today was a special day for Tillu, as Amma had promised her to teach 5 different methods of casting on.

Amma asked Tillu again “Are you Ready Tillu?”

“Yes, yes!” Tillu replied with full enthusiasm. She was just not able to wait for Amma to start. Amma wore her glasses, took her needles and yarn and sat next to Tillu.

“Tillu, as you know how to form slip knot for the first stitch and I want to remind you that the character of a cast-on edge is determined not only by the way in which stitches are put on the needle, but also by the way they are worked off.”

Tillu was nodding her head as she had studied her notes she had taken on the basics of knitting.

Amma continued, “The First method of casting-on with two needles is Knitting On which employs two needles and one yarn length. Each new stitch is formed as in knitting, then transferred to the left needle.” Amma started with introduction. She continued “You will get a versatile selvage by this, it is soft when worked through loop fronts and firm if worked through loop backs. This method is also suitable for increasing stitches at one side or completing a buttonhole.”

Tillu was listening very carefully but she didn’t understand much so Amma started demonstrating her.



Amma said, “Tillu, start with slip knot, hold needle with the slip knot in left hand then insert right needle in this loop and take yarn around it as for knitting(A); draw yarn through that loop to form a new stitch(B); transfer this new stitch to left needle. This forms the second stitch, knit into it to form the next new stitch. This method of casting-on is known as Knitting On.”

Tillu started practicing this but could not get how to keep yarn around the right needle and draw it through the loop. Amma kept guiding her and after sometime Tillu got hold of it. So, likewise may be you also struggle with this but don’t give up. Ones you learn this then whole knitting becomes very easy.

The other methods of casting-on are here-

Two Needles Methods-

One Needle Methods-

I hope you enjoyed my writing along with learning, please let me know your comments!

 Happy Knitting!

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