How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow

How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow- This is an easy, beautiful and very useful travel pillow post consists of step-by-step photos and video tutorial. It is yet another project from Cm-iH’s One Day Crochet Projects Series.How to make crochet Travel Pillow

I always wanted a travel pillow as we travel long distances at least twice a year, so it was in my to-do list from long time. Last month when we were travelling to India, I thought I must finish this project before the trip. First I tried with Vardhman’s furry yarn and to my surprise my first attempt only succeeded. It was of red color so I decided to keep it for myself 😉 Then I went ahead, did pattern grading and made half scale version for our Angel with baby yarn. I added eyes, tail, spikes etc. and made it as a character. She loves it so much that she has added to her toy box now. 🙂How-to-make-crochet-Travel-Pillow-08Then finally decided to use my favorite Lion brand’s Homespun yarn for Pranaw’s pillow and desperately wanted to shoot step by step photos and video.

To be frank I had long list of things to finish before heading for the trip. My packing was not over, I had to finish draft posts and schedule then so all my lovely readers could get content regularly even when I am on trip.

I had to edit videos and upload them and schedule them with all description, tags and links. I had to bake cake and cookies for angel. And actually it looked impossible to add one more shooting session in but I really wanted to share this travelling pillow tutorial with you, my lovely followers.

So finally, on the last day, I did this post’s shooting. Our flight was at 9 pm, we had to leave home at 6 pm and I was shooting till 1 pm 😉 But it was fun! Due to all this I forgot to add gauge, finished size etc. in the video but have added them in the post below.

So let’s see,

How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow-

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Detailed Step by step tutorial with photos-

Abbreviations used:

Ch – chain

dc – double crochet

dc2tog – double crochet 2 together

Sl st – Slip stitch


4 double crochet = 1″ or 2.5 cm

2 double crochet rows = 1″ or 2.5 cm

Tip: If you are using Lion brand’s Homespun yarn, keep tension bit loose which will give beautiful soft texture to your pillow.

Note: Check your gauge before starting the project to get perfect fit, you can check video here.

Finished Size :

How-to-make-crochet-Travel-Pillow-Finished-sizeInner Circumference – 30 cm

Outer Circumference – 75 cm

Cross sectional circumference – 22 cm

Note: The firmness or softness depends on how much you fill the stuffing material. I like firm pillow so I made my pillow stiff with lot of stuffing where as I made soft pillows for angel and Pranaw.

Pattern Grading: 

As you read above, you can easily do pattern grading to get desired size. just decrease or increase number of chains at the beginning to get desired size.


Lion Brand’s Home spun yarn- almost 100gm

Clover Crochet hook- 6 mm, J size


Washable stuffing material


Make chain 39.

How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow-01

R1: 1 dc in 4th ch, make 2 dc in each next ch. (72 sts)How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow-02R2 to R10: Ch 3, 1 dc in each st. (72 sts)

How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow-03

R11: Ch 3, dc2tog in all sts. (36 sts)

Fold the pillow half so that first row aligns with last. Then you can use slip stitch or sew side.
How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow-04

Similarly, start sewing edge, i.e. joining first row to the last. My advise here is, to sew in parts and insert stuffing material. So sew around 2″-3″ portion, insert washable stuffing material in that portion, then move ahead and sew next 2″-3″ portion and so on… This way you will be able to fill uniformly rather than sewing in full edge and then trying to fill stuffing material.

How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow-06

Finish inner edge and other side. Cut the yarn and sew in tail yarn. Your beautiful, soft travel pillow is ready to use.

How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow

I hope you must have liked this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it in hustle! 🙂

Download PDF of this Pattern

I have created this Beautifully formatted printable PDF just for you so that you can work on this project offline meaning you can enjoy crocheting sitting relaxed on your favorite couch or outdoor in nature or while travelling and not bothered about internet availability around!

You can save or print this PDF and start building your own crochet patterns collection!

So grab it NOW!

You can watch video tutorial here: How to make easy crochet Travel Pillow

Happy Crocheting!!!

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