Let me answer your very important questions first, before I give brief about myself-

Why shop at Craft Paradise? 

Every craftsman knows the value of branded supplies. We spend so much of our time and efforts in our craft which can totally go waste if we choose bad quality products to make. The joy of seeing good quality finished craft product starts with the selecting quality supplies. Craft Paradise helps you to get good quality branded products to make your crafting journey and finished products beautiful. We’re on a mission to become the leading experts in best quality craft supplies.

Why are we unique?

From conception to execution, we bring craft to life. We have inspirational designs, the best quality yarn, world famous brand’s crochet hooks, knitting needles and accessories like universal row counters, antique gold/silver yarn cutter pendants. These are the things which take your craft as well as crafting experience to whole new level.

We have kits containing very detailed description cards along with required materials for both experts and beginners. We also have ready made trendy handmade garmends. Both the kits and ready made garments can be the best gifts to your loved ones or to yourself!

Our buyers specialize in obtaining premium labels and rare finds, which we deliver straight to our customers at an affordable pricing through our radically easy-to-shop website.

We seek and set trends- a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn and continually strive to maintain!

“Creating beautiful crafts is not a hobby, it’s a way of Life!”

I am Sheetal Pathak. I am passionate about handmade craft and creative ways to make stuff on my own. Growing up with my hooks and needles, I always thought about innovations that would enhance my craft experience. In addition to water, food, air, and a few other bare necessities, I lived for creative ideas, chasing mavericks, and feeling warmth of craft in my hands.

After my angel’s birth, first time in my life, I was full time at home. I started feeling restless as my brain had no work. I had always been busy with creative ideas, trying something new and suddenly I realized, I am doing nothing, I started having epic brainstorm sessions with myself. What I want to do? What am I good at? What is feasible in this season of my life? and that’s where the wheels began to turn.

Inspired by Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom, I started blogging about my craft but then soon realized we don’t have good quality craft store in Bahrain. Born and bred in India, I used both branded and non-branded craft tools at the same time, so I knew the difference in experience and final outcome of the products made with good quality supplies. I tried, tried, tried and tried many options to get them from all available sources but it was very time and money consuming. And that is when everything really started coming together as Craft Paradise. I hope this store will help craft lovers in Bahrain to get good quality supplies to cherish their passion.

Craft Paradise isn’t simply a store, it’s a lifestyle brand.

Welcome to Craft Paradise, we’re glad you’re here.

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